I’ve Been Swept Into The Hype: Hermes Apple Watch

I never thought this could happen, not to me but … I want the Apple Watch!

When the Apple Watch first came out I laughed, I thought it was stupid, I thought I’ll NEVER wear that thing. I was extremely confident with this thought and had every intention of standing my ground.

Then it happened. I was teaching a class at School of Style, and I got tired of lugging around my phone during class. I need it to a.) tell time and b.) to get notifications on any urgent texts or emails (I am running a business after all). So I thought to myself, maybe I need to look into this Apple Watch business.

I seriously didn’t even know about the Hermes Apple Watch – so we can’t blame my love for fashion on this. However, when I found out about the partnership a few days later? It was on!!

The watch comes out on Monday, October 5th, and I MUST have it!!! Must. The question is, will I have to wait in line for it? Do I want it bad enough to wait on the sidewalk in the rain (I’ll be purchasing in New York)? Will I get my watch or will some tragic trolls who are just purchasing to sell on eBay beat me to the punch? Will I need to punch someone to get this watch? Kidding, kidding!!

Well, I just thought I would share, and I will keep you posted on my purchasing experience. Send out some fashion-prayers for me!

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