Take a Time Out! Why Dressing For Vacation Matters

lauren messiah maui tripI don’t vacation enough. There I said it. The truth is, I simply love my career so much that it’s difficult to take a time out from it.

The problem is, time outs are important.

I’m not talking about toddler time outs, I’m talking on full-on adult time outs where you take care of yourself and enjoy life. Oh, and working 24/7 doesn’t count – even if you love your job. I recently took a time out to Maui with a group of kick-ass women to celebrate a friend (and client’s) upcoming nuptials.

palm tree in maui

The trip got me thinking about a few things … 1.) Holy sh*t Maui is beautiful 2.) I need to travel more often, and 3.) People really need to start giving a damn about their vacation style.

lauren messiah maui trip

I’m sure it’s the fashion girl in me, but, to me, every occasion in life is an opportunity to dress up. Half the fun of dates, vacations, starting a new job, or even trying a new workout class, is finding an outfit to go with the experience.

So while in Hawaii I was blown away that such a beautiful island didn’t have people in beautiful outfits to match. Not a judgment call, just an observation that bugged the heck out of me. Why aren’t we dressing for our lives?

maui palm treesI am begging you to ditch that whole notion that in order to look your very best you need some sort of “special” occasion to dress well. Being alive is your special occasion, so you officially have permission to look good any day of the year.

lauren messiah maui trip

My challenge to you is on your next vacation, ditch the cut-off shorts and ratty tees shirts and go for something a little bit more special because you deserve it.

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