Please Don’t Kill My Vibe: Defining Your Personal Style


We are all unique special creatures; there is no one else in the world that is exactly like you. This truth can apply to your looks, personality, and personal style, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t certain generalized buckets that we fit into.

Let me elaborate.

I’ll start with our looks, where we can fit into generalized buckets.  Hair (brown, black, blonde, red, gray), body type (watch these videos for more info), and even facial features are all generalized buckets.

Moving on to personality traits – you can fit in the funny bucket or the super serious bucket. Maybe you are peppy or sassy, generally speaking.

Do you catch what I’m throwing?

You are special, but you can still fit into “non-special” categories as a way to describe and define yourself. Same thing goes for personal style.

Having a style “bucket” that you fit into is the first step when it comes to defining a style that is personal to you.

For example, I consider myself an edgy classic. I have a certain edge to my style, which also happens to match my personality, but I also enjoy classic/timeless elements, which speaks to where I am in life and my age. However, another person who also calls their style “edgy classic” will likely dress completely different than me. Why? Because it’s MY personal style once those clothes hit my back.

So I challenge you to begin to explore your personal style.

Now I wouldn’t be the awesome personal stylist that I am without giving you a little push in the right direction now would I? Over the next few weeks, I will be sharing videos on seven different personal style types that I have developed for my clients. Take the style type that speaks to you the most and then make that style your own!

How do you do that? By coupling my guidance with your basic style instincts. I know, you think you don’t have basic style instincts, but trust me you do.

My VIP list gets the videos first; so make sure you are on it but signing up using this link. PS- you get a free book out of the deal. Score!

Get ready to get yourself a style vibe.

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One thought on “Please Don’t Kill My Vibe: Defining Your Personal Style”

  1. Great article Lauren!

    I made a conscious effort to define my personal style two years ago. I had three closets stuffed and I was always buying more clothes.

    Once I started being honest with myself about style, my budget, and what looks I truly loved, I found that I favored effortless and chic styles. I’ve always admired people who could throw on jeans and a tee but look amazing. I’m actually one of those people, but I was too busy chasing trends and shopping all the time. I couldn’t define my personal style because I was buried in clothes that did not truly reflect my style.

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