Operation Live Life: How To Live Stylishly


Ever wake up and realize you haven’t actually been living life? Sure you are alive and breathing but living- not so much.

I came to that realization for myself a few weeks ago. My life had become all work and no play. I hadn’t taken a proper vacation in YEARS, which according to most is ridiculous. So I made the decision to live a more balanced life.

I am calling this Operation Live Life.

That means more fun, more vacations, classes, and experiences. Now clearly there will be amazing outfits to go with each of these life moments. You know I love any excuse to dress up.

Which poses the question, are you paying enough attention to your “casual” style? The clothes you wear to run errands, to go to the movies with friends, to the farmers market, to go hiking with your man? Probably not, right?

Let’s change that!

Stay tuned because as I am on “Operation Live Life” I will be chronicling my experiences and the style that goes with.

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