Shake Up Your Sheath Dress With These Tips

Chances are you have at least one sheath dress hanging in your closet. And chances are it’s just sitting there collecting dust.

Betcha didn’t know just how versatile this little dress is!!!


You can take a sheath dress to the office, on a date, to a baby shower, to a brunch … The possibilities are endless.

In today’s video, I am talking sheath dresses and some simple styling tips you can follow to personalize your sheath dress for any occasion.

2 thoughts on “Shake Up Your Sheath Dress With These Tips”

  1. Thank you.
    Your video is great.
    Just recovering from 4 strokes.
    Getting my life back on track.
    My taste has changed so much.
    How do we take baby steps towards that?

    I LOVE Victoria Beckhman’s style but do I have the body for it??? I’m very curvy!!! Lol

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