Learning to Shed Your Style Past

I’m hoping I’m not alone here but have you ever woke up and thought to yourself “holy #*@$, I’m 34 years old?!

Go ahead and replace the 34 with your own shocking age revelation. It actually doesn’t matter what the age is, time slips away and life isn’t always exactly where you want it to be.

For the LONGEST time when people asked me how old I am, my mouth desperately wanted to say 26. And not because I wanted to be cute and lie about my age, my mind hadn’t caught up to the fact that I am a successful, 34-year-old woman.


I see this a lot with my personal styling clients – push, push, push, accomplish, accomplish, accomplish and all the “things” start to come. The big fancy job, perhaps a relationship, new car, great place. However, our minds (and our wardrobes) haven’t quite received the memo.

Our mindset and our wardrobes get stuck. As a result comes these pesky little side effects. People think we are younger than we are, getting mistaken for an assistant when we are the boss, feeling uncomfortable and not knowing why, and the list goes on.

I am constantly righting these wrongs for my clients through the power of style (a shoe is a hell of a drug) but recently I took a look in the mirror and made MYSELF the client.

I am an adult woman who owns not one but two businesses has a beautifully decorated apartment, a sick car, a cute dog, fabulous friends, and tasty food in the fridge. Why the heck am I still wearing clothes from my twenties?! Sure they still fit, and I work in fashion so “technically” I can get away with it, but the truth was I was stuck in my style past. I hadn’t received the memo that I am a bad ass, and I needed to dress accordingly.

So what did I do? I took the time to shed my style past. Crazy shoes? GONE! Stuff fit for a street style star? GONE! Everything that didn’t match up to the woman I am today had to go and OMG, you guys, it felt so good!!


So my challenge to you is this, ask yourself who am I am who do I aspire to be? Does my wardrobe match that image? If it doesn’t, then it’s time to purge, baby purge!

Get. Rid. Of. It. All.

Need some help? Well, you’ve got your good pal Lauren right here. Shoot me an email if you’d like to experience my Style Intervention, which will help you get on the path to your kick ass style future.

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