Why You Should NEVER Wear Capri Pants!

Oh capri pants, the soccer mom of the fashion world why can’t you just go away already?!

Capri pants are basically a nightmare because they flatter very few women, yet so many women are wearing them. There must be some rumor floating around that is making women believe these pants are a good idea.

In the video above, I am going to tell you EXACTLY why capri pants are not the best choice for you, and I am going to provide you with some stylish options to replace them.

Don’t hide under the table if you are currently wearing capris, fashion mistakes happen to the best of us – it’s totally okay. Just take a look at today’s video and do better next time 😉

There is a better way …

cropped pants street style

One thought on “Why You Should NEVER Wear Capri Pants!”

  1. hi,
    I understand that a crop pant hits at the widest part of your leg below the knee, but what if you have slim calves? Is it ever a nice look as I happen to love my crop pants and NO I am not a soccer Mom.

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