Ask a Dude: Are Flat Shoes Sexy

Things I found out this week:

1.) Taking copious amounts of cold medicine will not prevent you from catching a cold.

2.) Men watch my videos!

Never mind the cold medicine stuff, let’s focus on #2 – Dudes are actually watching my videos!

One dude in particular even requested I cover a topic on video. So I did.

This man is pretty upset with the whole flat shoe trend on women. Now, before you ladies get your swords and daggers out, let’s listen to his question- with an open mind …

Alright, you’ve heard from both sides on this flat shoe matter and now I want to know what you think?

Do you see his point (even a little bit) or do you say shove it to the men and you will continue to rock your flats all day every day? Sound off.

2 thoughts on “Ask a Dude: Are Flat Shoes Sexy”

  1. I know this post is a bit old but I’m 25, I’m 5’2″…I love how heels look… for my height I feel like they are almost a necessity when going out, but I cannot wear them for more than a few hours becsause it really hurts. I have bad arches, and partially due to inappropriate footwear, I have a torn tendon in my foot. That is incredibly painful. I might need surgery or it *might* heal on its own… but either way I will not be wearing heels for the forseeable future…

    I just love to hear that many men are not finding me sexy because I physically CANNOT wear something that is unhealthy and painful… awesome. Maybe men should consider if they want a girl in heels today and orthotic grandma shoes in five years or if they can handle some more healthy shoe options that are still pretty cute.

  2. As a “dude” here’s my twist on the flats shoe topic. First off I love the look of flats on a women, they are both feminine and sexy looking, as well as comfortable. Secondly, yes I’m a dude and I watched your amazing video. Time for the twist, I’m a dude and I wear ballet flats cuz the are comfortable but also unmistakably feminine looking. As for my favorite brand – Tory Burch flats are number one in my closet.


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