Ask a Dude: Are Flat Shoes Sexy

Things I found out this week:

1.) Taking copious amounts of cold medicine will not prevent you from catching a cold.

2.) Men watch my videos!

Never mind the cold medicine stuff, let’s focus on #2 – Dudes are actually watching my videos!

One dude in particular even requested I cover a topic on video. So I did.

This man is pretty upset with the whole flat shoe trend on women. Now, before you ladies get your swords and daggers out, let’s listen to his question- with an open mind …

Alright, you’ve heard from both sides on this flat shoe matter and now I want to know what you think?

Do you see his point (even a little bit) or do you say shove it to the men and you will continue to rock your flats all day every day? Sound off.

3 thoughts on “Ask a Dude: Are Flat Shoes Sexy”

  1. I know this post is a bit old but I’m 25, I’m 5’2″…I love how heels look… for my height I feel like they are almost a necessity when going out, but I cannot wear them for more than a few hours becsause it really hurts. I have bad arches, and partially due to inappropriate footwear, I have a torn tendon in my foot. That is incredibly painful. I might need surgery or it *might* heal on its own… but either way I will not be wearing heels for the forseeable future…

    I just love to hear that many men are not finding me sexy because I physically CANNOT wear something that is unhealthy and painful… awesome. Maybe men should consider if they want a girl in heels today and orthotic grandma shoes in five years or if they can handle some more healthy shoe options that are still pretty cute.

  2. As a “dude” here’s my twist on the flats shoe topic. First off I love the look of flats on a women, they are both feminine and sexy looking, as well as comfortable. Secondly, yes I’m a dude and I watched your amazing video. Time for the twist, I’m a dude and I wear ballet flats cuz the are comfortable but also unmistakably feminine looking. As for my favorite brand – Tory Burch flats are number one in my closet.


  3. So there are articles claiming men find heels more appealing but their sources are not entirely accurate, I’ve found a lot of men prefer ballet flats over heels. Heels immolate a unnatural stance that makes it seem difficult to walk in, the key factors to why heels are appealing are the foot arch and buttocks looking higher. While flats, as cute as they are, show the natural stance, which resembles how a woman would be without shoes before being intimate or just walking comfortably, and flats accentuates the great shape of the legs and ankles. Most men can tell wearing heels looks painful and that’s just not as attractive, to some they only focus on the buttocks and arch but you can arch your foot in flats if you’re active in them also, yet not constantly. I’ve asked plenty of men this question which do they prefer and 63% of them preferred flats as the other 37% preferred heels. Then I decided to look up articles and forums, which eventually led to adult forums, but gave me an insight to how its almost taboo since its not commonly accepted like heels, because heels were designed for sex appeal. I found that even in these adult forums they shared a common disappointment with the adult industry for not exploring the sex appeal of ballet flats because its kind of taboo and no one really expresses their appeal for flats. “Flats also gives an allure of someone who seems like they don’t have to put themselves through pain to look cute and that is very attractive!” someone writes in a forum. I am a woman and I can admit that I now prefer the appeal of flats over heels, it just comes off as more comfortable and smarter. I’ve had 2 passed partners reluctantly ask me to wear flats while being intimate, and its not something they should feel embarrassed about. I think as a woman its more a surprise to me, I was led to believe heels were more attractive to men but that’s not entirely the case. I still think heels look cute and I’ll always love heels but now I don’t skip the shoe aisle of flats anymore.

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