Stylish Shoes For Commuters

A few months ago when I was traveling to Washington DC to visit my family, I noticed something on the streets. A herd of women wearing power suits, pantyhose, and white sneakers. Please note that this was a few months ago and NOT thirty something years ago in the 80s.

Let’s try to ignore the power suit and pantyhose (it is DC after all) but the shoes! Oh, we can fix the shoes.

The commuter shoe is real, and it has a purpose. It is a shoe that  you wear while traveling to the office. Once you arrive at the office, you simply change into your respectable pair of heels and carry on about your business.

The problem is, most women are wearing the most tragic commuter shoes. Just because you aren’t at the office doesn’t mean you can walk around looking crazy. Comfort and style can mix, and I’ll show you how.

shoes for commutersThe Ballet Flat

Ballet flats are both cute and comfortable. Try these on your way to work and they take up less space in your bag than a clunky pair of athletic shoes. They even make inexpensive fold-able ballet flats that can easily slip in to your handbag.

shoes for commutersThe Oxford

A nice menswear inspired shoe will look great with your outfit and if you pick your pair wisely, they can be quite comfortable.

shoes for commuters   shoes for commutersStylish Sneakers

If you are going to wear a sneaker, make it a stylish pair. Skip the bright white athletic shoes and try something low profile instead. Converse are actually very good for walking and if you get them in black or gray they won’t stick out like a sore thumb while you’re walking down the street.

shoes for commuters

Now that is how you do the commuter shoe!

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