Style Tips To Help You Get A Promotion

I can’t think of anything worse than being at a job where I never advance. Not only does it suck financially, it has to be totally boring!

Alright so we all agree NOT getting a promotion sucks, so the question is how DO you get a promotion?

Sure there is the obvious; work hard, come in early, stay late, and be damn good at your job but what about your wardrobe? The clothing you wear plays a huge role in your money making potential. A 2013 survey showed that 80% of executives are influenced by a person’s style of dress at work when they consider promotions*.

That tells me that stepping up your work wardrobe is an absolute must! I have a few tips to help you make that happen. Keep reading …

Dress for the job you want, not the one you have!

This old saying is totally true. If you want to become a CEO, start dressing like a CEO. Dressing more professionally and pulled together is never a bad thing. When you look spiffy the chances of you getting invited to sit in on meetings or to events increases. The more exposure to the higher ups you get, the better the chance of scoring that big promotion.

9-Victoria-Beckham-Street-StyleInvest In Yourself, It Pays!

Now please don’t go blow all of your money on your wardrobe but various studies have shown that if you dress the part, you will get the part. High-end clothing not only fits better but the feeling you get when you wear them gives an added boost of confidence that can easily turn into dollars.

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It’s All About Respect

Even if you work in a casual setting, you can still pull yourself together and look good out of respect for the job. I don’t care if everyone else dresses like crap, you dress like a million bucks and the money will follow. Heck, you may just catch the eye of another company who is ready to pony up the big bucks.


Build a Wardrobe of Classics

When you have amazing classics you can easily mix and match garments to create new looks. This maximizes the investment you made on your money-making wardrobe. Find out if you have the classics here.

Victoria-Beckham-Style-EvolutionProper Grooming is Key

Keep your nails manicured, your hair nice, and your makeup natural. Being presentable at the workplace pays. Why? People like being around clean and well-groomed people. Once the big dogs are around you, you can blow them away with your smarts at the office.

Have you experienced a pay raise? Do you think your wardrobe had something to do with it?

*source: Daily News

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