The Best Places To Shop If You Are On A Budget

This one is for all of my budget fashionistas! A question I get asked a lot if where do you shop when you have a client who is on a limited budget? Well I most certainly have the answer to that question because I am constantly grabbing up crazy deals for my clients – no matter what their budget is. I feel that if you can get it for less, then get it for less! Am I right?! Of course I am.

Here are my favorite budget friendly shops and why …

TJ Maxx

I am a #maxxinista to the max! Why I am not on their payroll is beyond me 😉 I find the best stuff at TJ Maxx. I’m talking Louboutin, McQueen, Valentino, Helmut Lang, Christian Dior … need I go on? The secret is finding a location that has The Runway department. Even if they don’t have that particular department you are sure to find higher quality pieces for less than say, H&M.

PS- TJ Maxx has online shopping now too.


Marshalls is of course part of the TJX family and I love them too. I always find great contemporary brands like Rag & Bone, Helmut Lang, and Vince at Marshalls. They also have a killer shoe department. I have picked up Jimmy Choo, Christian Dior, Dsquared, and Derek Lam shoes at Marshalls.


I usually hate on fast fashion retailers but I have nothing but love for Zara. Their pieces are of much higher quality than say H&M or Forever 21. Plus the designs are very fashion forward. OH and the clothes aren’t made for teenagers, actual women can wear their stuff.

Nordstrom Rack

OMG I love Nordstrom Rack. I even have a secret one that sells Chanel. Yeah, you read that right. Go here to find all of the goodies from Nordstrom at a way lower price. Don’t want to head into Nordy Rack? Try their new online shop instead.


Sooo I basically have a new box from TheOutnet at my door every week. Sad but true. The deals are insane and the whole experience doesn’t feel discount at all.


Not gonna lie Yoox isn’t the easier site in the world to shop but if you can figure it out the deals are plentiful! Seriously, some of the best prices on high-end designer goods that I have ever experienced.


I forgot to mention this one in the video but Target has some really cute stuff for dirt cheap! I’d honestly rather give my money to Target vs. ratchet old Forever 21. I am currently living in a pair of Target espadrilles that were only $24. I seriously might get a second pair. So good.

Where do you shop to get an incredible deal? Sharing is caring. BOOM!


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