How To Wear Prints


Spring is here and to me that is the perfect excuse to bust out the prints! Put those boring solid pieces to the back of the closet and have some fun in this warm weather.

There are a few tips for wearing prints that I do want to share. If you follow these tips or at least have an awareness of them while getting dressed, your chances of looking like a total bad ass will increase.

1. Be Mindful Of Your Shape

Did you know that the size of your body effects how amazing a print will look on you? Simple rule of thumb, if you have a smaller frame, wear a smaller print. If you have a lager frame, wear a larger print. Rocking prints in the proper proportion will help you look your very best.

Learn the how and why of it in the video below …

2. Don’t Let The Print Wear You

Piggybacking on tip #1, don’t let the print wear you. If the print is too overpowering in size, in color, or in overall loudness – just say no. It is important that you are the star of the show, not the print.

street-style-trend-prints-53. Mix It Up

Don’t let point above scare you, just because I don’t want to print overpowering you doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with prints! Try mixing them up a bit. I love how the woman below mixes a toile and a plaid together. Because both prints are the same color family, it totally works.


What are your thoughts on prints?

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