How to Make More Space In Your Closet

Not everyone is blessed with killer closet space. If you live in a big city like New York, then your chances of having a big closet are slim to none. Lucky for you I have some tips on how to maximize your closet space like a champ.


Slimline Hangers

If you haven’t upgraded to Slimline hangers then you clearly have been living under a rock. These hangers have changed more closets than I can count.  Not only are these hangers great looking, they will add more space to your closet than you could ever imagine. 

Hanging Jewelry Bags

Don’t sleep on a hanging jewelry bag. Most people think of these for traveling purposes only but they can be really useful in your closet too. They have tons of different options at places like the Container Store, so find a few that you like and maximize your dressing space pronto.

Stylish Boxes or Luggage

Incorporating fun hatboxes, vintage luggage, and trunks into your space not only looks amazing but it adds additional storage. Try keeping your scarves, hats, belts, and other random accessories in these boxes to save space.

What techniques are you using to maximize your closet space?

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