How To Look Chic In Sneakers

For the first time in fashion (okay maybe not the first time) being comfortable is actually considered stylish! At least on the footwear front it is. Incorporating sneakers into your look is not only acceptable, it’s actually encouraged.

Last week I was asked, ‘how do you avoid looking sloppy in a pair of sneakers?’ and I answered it in my daily fashion tips video/newsletter (subscribe at the bottom of this post if you want in on the action). To recap, I have three solid tips to keep you from looking sloppy in sneakers.

1.) Keep your gym shoes at the gym!

Wearing your workout shoes outside of the gym is a total no-no. Keep those sweaty shoes in your gym bag where they belong. Make sure you have a dedicated pair of fitness and a dedicated pair for fashion.


2.) Mix high and low

To create a stylish and more interesting overall look, it’s best to mix your comfortable casual sneakers with something a little more dressed up or fashion forward. The fashion-y part of your look will cancel out any sloppiness the sneakers may bring.


3.) Clean your sneakers please!

Nothing says sloppy like a dirty pair of sneakers. Keep your shoes laces clean and your shoes free of scuffs if you want to stay away from Sloppyville.

Hope that helps! If you have a fashion question you want me to answer, leave a note on my Facebook page.

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