3 Easy Upgrades for Jeans and Tee Shirt Girls

Lately a lot of my styling clients have been requesting looks that involve jeans and a tee shirt as the base. To me this makes perfect sense, we live in a world where that is basically the uniform. The problem with uniforms is that they can be boring and therefore lack style.

It’s my job to give my clients what they want but also infuse some serious style into the mix. So I have come up with some super simple ways to up your tee shirt and jeans game.

1. Add a Statement Necklace

The easiest way to make your boring look pop is to add a killer statement necklace. Take all of the focus off your simple ensemble and really let the jewelry be the star of the show. With sites like Bauble Bar, it’s never been easier to look stylish and keep within a reasonable budget.

statement necklace street style

2. Throw a Jacket On It

I am basically the queen of the jacket! A cute blazer or jacket paired with a tee and jeans adds instant class to your basic look. You could almost wear the same white tee and jeans everyday, and by adding a new jacket you have a brand new look.


3. Heels Make a Difference

Wearing heels isn’t always the most comfortable thing in the world but man does it make a world of difference. Putting on a killer pair of stilettos or sandals will take your look from a 2 to a 10.

jeans and tee shirt look

How do you step up your jeans and tee shirt game?


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