10 Ways To Wear A Hoodie

street style hoodieIt may be spring but in LA it’s suddenly FREEZING. Okay, it’s technically 62 degrees but ’round these parts that is freezing. What does that mean? It means I have to bust out the old hoodie in order to keep myself warm. Because I don’t want to look like a hot tragic mess – I have been thinking of new ways to wear a hoodie.

In fact, I’ve come up with ten …

1.) With a little leopard

Because animal print makes everything more awesome.

street style hoodie

2.) Top it with a leather jacket

Layer up with a leather jacket to take your hoodie to the next level.

street style hoodie

3.) Make it girly with a skirt

Betcha never thought to wear your hoodie with a skirt now did ya? Try it, you may just like it.

  street style hoodie4.) Add ears

Why not?

street style hoodie

5.) Chic it out with neutrals

A look consisting of neutral colors always makes for a super-chic look. Add your hoodie to the mix and you’ve suddenly made a hoodie chic. Congratulations.

street style hoodie

6.) Printed

Who says hoodies have to be solid or marked with a logo?

street style hoodie

7.) Use it tone down your sexy

Wearing something a little too revealing? Tone down that sexy with a hoodie.

street style hoodie8.) Wear it because you’re cold

Duh. And how good are those accessories?

street style hoodie9.) Just add fur

Real or faux, fur trim is awesome trim.

street style hoodie10.) Go sporty

Take you hoodie back to its hoodie roots with a sports inspired look.


How do you stylishly wear a hoodie?

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