10 Ways to Stylishly Wear Sweatpants

Sweatpants, once the most hated/taunted garment of all time and now they are basically the freaking prom queen of fashion. Gotta love the trends cycle.

I for one am pumped that sweatpants have been temporarily accepted as chic. In fact, I am going to milk this trends as long as I possibly can. In order to properly milk this puppy, we need more than one way to wear it, right? I’ve got 10 …


1.) With Plaid

Go a grunge with it why don’t ya?


2.) Chic It Up With a Blazer

Because blazers make everything better (and acceptable for public consumption).


3.) Add Some Fancy Heels

Heels are the quickest way to make sweatpants okay! The fancier the better.


4.) Rock a Whole Suit

Get crazy and wear a matching sweatsuit!



5.) Pretend They Are Real Pants

Make your whole outfit insanely chic and then seamlessly slip in a pair of sweats.



6.) Layer Like a Pro

Make yourself look like you stepped out of a J Crew catalog and go crazy with the layers.


7.) Just Add Denim

Because denim and sweats go way back.


8.) Fur!

Real and faux, fur makes everything fancy – even sweatpants.


9.) Wear Them in Leather

All of the comfort of sweats but in stylish leather. I have a pair and I LOVE them.


10.) Stripe Always Work

When in doubt, just throw on a striped shirt and call it a day! Stripes almost always look crazy chic.

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