The Secret to Getting Dressed Faster In The Morning


You wanna know what sucks? Standing in front of your closet, in your underwear, with no idea what to wear. It’s probably one of the most frustrating ways to start the day. Wouldn’t it be awesome to eliminate that horror completely?

I have the answer, well actually I have two …

1.) Hire someone to pick out all of your outfits (me, me!)


2.) Pre-style/pre-plan your looks!

Lets talk about method #2. This method rocks the house. Why? Because chances are you have a closet full of clothing that has endless styling possibilities but unless you make the time to do it, the blank closet stare will commence.

So how do you do it? I’ll tell you …

1.) Get Inspired

I am a huge fan of Pinterest, I’d venture to say that I am a Pinterest junkie. I created a board called My Style with outfits that inspire me. I am constantly filling the board and my mind with ideas on how to wear the other I already own differently.

2.) Schedule Some Time

Next I pick one day a week to style my outfits. For me this is typically on a Sunday night before dinner around 5 or 6pm. When something is “on my calendar” it’s easier for me to stick with the task.

3.) Style Away

Every stylist has their own method but here is how I do it. I pick 5-6 star pieces that I’d like to wear to work that week and put them on a rack (you could clear a space away in your closer or lay the pieces on your bed). Then I start building around the star pieces. Maybe it’s a killer cardigan that acts as the star – then I’d pick out a skirt or a pair of jeans, a top, shoes, and a necklace. Bam! Outfit #1. I repeat this process until I have enough outfits for the week.

4.) Fashion Show!

While I’m at it, I try on my looks to make sure they look as good on as they do on the rack. Sure this step is a little time consuming but it can be fun AND you know that when you get dressed during the week there won’t be any surprises.

Do you pre-plan your outfits or “ain’t nobody got time for that!” Let me know over on my Facebook page.

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