The Battle of The Bras: Nude vs. White

If you are subscribed to my newsletter (sign-up on the homepage if you aren’t), then you know that I am answering your fashion questions ON VIDEO! Yep, that’s right. Today’s question comes from Shannon ….

Q: Nude bras: Good or bad? Are they too granny looking?bra-under-a-drop-arm-tank+street-style+fashion+trends

A: Here is the deal, white bras kind of suck – at least for everyday use. Nude bras and black bras are the way to go. Why no white? Most women typically reach for a white bra when they are wearing a white shirt. The problem is, white bras shine right through a white shirt. So unless you want the world to see your bra, then you definitely want to go with nude.

Second part to the question, do nude bras look too “granny”? Well of course they do. There aren’t many sexy nude bras running around BUT nude bras are practical. If you are looking to show off your bra (hot date, etc) then skip the nude bra and go from something a little racier.

Hope that helps, Shannon!

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