How To Create a Beach-to-Street Outfit

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 As a Los Angeles resident, I don’t go to the beach nearly as much as I should. Probably because the West side (that’s where the beach is) is so close, yet so far away – with traffic and all. However when I do go to the beach I like to make the most of the trip. That means taking it from the beach to the street.

Being able to transform a swimsuit into something appropriate for a casual lunch without doing the whole hit the gross beach bathroom ordeal is key.

While shopping at Target this weekend, I was not only able to find a cute swimsuit (or two) – I was able to find the silver bullet that makes a beach-to-street outfit BEYOND easy.

Are you ready for this?

Short overalls! OMG. I am so in love.

short overalls

Follow my simple step-by-step method for creating the perfect beach-to-street outfit and you’ll be looking awesome (for less) in no time.

Step 1. Find the Perfect Swimsuit

I’ve been on both ends of the swimsuit spectrum; buying an expensive designer suit and going for something much more budget conscious. I kid you not; I always ending up loving my budget suits best. I picked up two (I had to stop myself from buying more) adorable swimsuits at Target for under $35 each.

My favorite of the two is this sporty number that I mixed and matched to perfection. The fit on this swimsuit is killer – especially the top. When it comes to swimsuits, especially, fit always comes first and then style.

target swimsuit neon

Step 2. Pick An Easy Cover-Up

After swimming or lying on the beach, throwing on an easy and stylish cover-up can really transform your look. When I spotted a pair of short overalls at Target I knew I found my cover-up.short overalls

What I love about this piece is that it covers you up just enough but still allows you to show off your swimsuit.

short overalls summerStep 3. Bring Back-Up

As much as I love the bikini under the overalls look, sometimes you need a little more coverage. Right now Target has the cutest tees and tanks. I picked up this Clothes Before Bros tank because it’s obviously the best shirt ever!

FullSizeRenderStep 4: Accessorize

Adding accessories will take your outfit from adequate to awesome. A statement necklace, sunglasses, cute sneakers or sandals, and a hat are all great choices for giving your beach-to-street outfit some extra oomph.

How to do you take your outfit from the beach to the street? Let me know on my Facebook page.


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