How Go From Casual to Dressy in 4 Simple Steps


I live in Southern California where the dress code is always set to casual. It’s great for comfort but it gets pretty boring style-wise. I’m also a girl who RARELY goes out, which leaves even less room for dressing up.

Until now.

Yeah that’s right, I’m stepping it up and experimenting with some kind of social life. Of course the first order of business is getting my wardrobe in order. Until then, I am making some simple upgrades to make my casual wardrobe a little dressier.

Clutch/ Small Fancy Looking Bag

This one may seem obvious but it isn’t for many. Carrying a big sloppy bag for a night out on the town will make an otherwise cute outfit way too casual. Even if your big bag is fancy, it will still downgrade your look. Opt for a clutch or a smaller bag that will turn some heads.

Fancy Shoes

Take off your work shoes and put on something a little fancier. This could be a pair of pointy toe pumps, a kicky pair of booties, or some sexy strappy sandals. I don’t care what type of shoe just change out of whatever you wore earlier that day.

Bold Lipstick

I am a sucker for a red lip but you can go pink or maybe something a vampier like a deep wine color. Changing up your lip says you are ready for some fun.

Eye-Catching Jewelry

It’s pretty amazing how one statement making piece of jewelry can change the tone of your outfit. If you always wear a statement necklace, try changing it up with a fun pair of earrings or a cuff. Also, eye-catching jewelry makes for a great conversation starter.

How do you take your look from day to night? Head on over to my Facebook page and share your thoughts.

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