Client Makeover: Post Collegiate Life


My little brother may or may not kill me for this post but I am willing to take my chances, we are family after all …

This past December when I went home to visit my family for Christmas, I gifted my youngest brother a makeover and a new wardrobe for Christmas. I know, I know sister of the year award nominee right here.

The styling process was really fun because a.) I got to hang out with my brother who I hardly ever see – we live across the country from each other and  b.) my little brother actually trusted ME his sister with his appearance! Anyone with a younger siblings will appreciate that one.

before banner

Before my brother “hired” me aka let me dress him, his style was very college – not shocking because he recently graduated from college. Your standard polo shirts and jeans look, not a bad look but since he has entered the real world it was definitely time for an upgrade.


Can you see the resemblance? It’s those good Messiah genes 😉


I wanted to grow my brother up a bit without making him look old. I also wanted to buy him pieces that could easily be mixed and matched – so he doesn’t have to over think getting dressed in the morning.

mens mood board personal styling

I was inspired by neutral colors, simple silhouettes, and classic pieces that could really come to life once they were put on the body.


shopping banner

The shopping on this job was much different from my other styling jobs because I actually brought the “client” with me. I typically go shopping without the client and bring them the finished product during the fitting.

Since the client was my brother, we hopped in the car and headed to the mall.


Our first stop was H&M where we got the majority of the clothing. H&M was the perfect place because my brother is in his early twenties. The styles are fashion forward and won’t break the bank.


After we were through at H&M we went to my one of my favorite stores, Nordstrom Rack. At the Rack we bought some higher quality pieces that would last him – like some John Varvatos and Billy Reid pieces.

I even resisted the urge to buy myself some presents during this trip! Quite a win for my wallet.

the fitting banner

The fitting went like this … We brought everything home, laid it out, and that’s it! LOL. After hours of shopping he was not about to try everything on again. He tried everything on at the store and called it a day.


I really wanted to see my handiwork but I decided to let it go because its family.

after bannerAfter I returned home to LA I begged my brother to send me a picture of him in one of his new outfits. He sent me this. The lighting is suspect but he looks great. I was really happy to get to do this for my brother and I am sure he is tearing it up in his new adult wardrobe.


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