How To Stretch Your Shoes At Home



I am a shoe-addict and there is no question about that. The pros of shoe addiction are killer shoes. The cons are spending all of your money on shoes and accidentally buying shoes that aren’t the perfect fit, because shoes.

I have two pairs of shoes in my closet that definitely haven’t had enough time in the sun because they pinch my feet. The first is a  pair of black round toe Valentino pumps that I bought in Virginia – found em at a consignment store, brand new with tags, in my size, and under $200. The second an extremely stylish pair of navy pumps that I found at Zara. I needed them for a last minute event so comfort was not a consideration.

I often gaze at these shoes and think, man I’d like to wear you! Then I remember how painful they are. Ugh.

Well my friends, I finally found a fix to my shoe problem. Sure I could take them to a “shoe guy” but I’m lazy. So instead I tried these genius and virtually FREE alternatives.

Give them a try and let me know how it turns out by leaving a comment on my Facebook page.



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