4 Steps To Looking (and feeling) Like a Million Bucks


I think its pretty safe to say that everyone wants to at least feel like a million bucks. Some people even want to look the part too. The thing is, when you look good your chances of feeling good dramatically increases. I know when my outfit, hair, and/or makeup are less than stellar, I certainly don’t feel as good as I do when they are.

I have an easy formula that quickly elevates my look from $5 to at least a million …

Simple Face + Red Lipstick

It’s a sad reality but wearing makeup really does make you look more put together. You don’t have to breakout the makeup paint gun or anything, a simple face will do. My simple face involves foundation, blush, mascara, and red lip. Red lipstick (or you go-to color of choice) makes it look like you give two craps about your appearance. I am never without a tube of red lipstick.

Style Hair or Add a Hat

I give my hair the once over with the curling iron but maybe your go-to style is a blow-out or something else that makes you feel awesome. Feeling super lazy? Then just throw on a chic hat and call it a day. You all KNOW that is my go-to.

olivia palermo

Put on a Pair of Heels

Sure flats are comfortable but heels really do make a statement. A pair of jeans and a tee shirt are suddenly chic and expensive looking with a great pair of heels. This trick works every time.

Top It Off with a Statement Piece

Adding one wow piece to your look instantly increases the cha-ching of your look. Maybe its a great pair of sunglasses (celebs do this trick all the time) or it could be a great coat or a killer necklace. The trick is to focus on ONE piece. Too many “shiny” things to look at can end up coming off as cheap.

How do you step up your look?

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