10 Ways to Wear Short Overalls

london-collections-men-spring-summer-2015-street-style-2-07-960x640Last week I bought a pair of short overalls at Target and I’m kind of addicted. $27 well spent if you ask me and I plan on getting my moneys worth too 😉


1.) With a Cool Scarf Belt

10 points for creativity! Belting your short overalls will not only add style but waist definition too.


2.) With a Fancy Bag

Oh you fancy, huh? Add a fancy pants bag to your super casual look for the ultimate cool girl vibe.


3.) With Boots and a Cape

Super hero or super fashionable? Upgrade your short overalls with the dressiest stuff you got.


4.) With a Snappy Hat

Y’all know I love a hat.


5.) Just Add a White Tee

Sometimes basics are best.


6.) What About A Blazer?

I love a blazer paired with short overalls. Unexpected and oh-s0 chic.


7.) Try Some Tights

Not about showing your legs? Just add tights.


8.) Blouse It Up

Keep it nice and classy with a blouse.

denim-overalls-trend-fashion-feature9.) Tie A Little Something Around Your Waist

Go low key yet stylish with a little something tied around your waist.

denim-overalls-streetstyle10.) With One Strap Down

I know, I know 90s flashbacks but it is kinda awesome, right?

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