10 Ways to Wear Culottes


Let me start by saying this … I do not plan on embracing this trend. The image of me + culottes just doesn’t seem like a good idea BUT it may be a good idea for someone else. So with that I give you, 10 ways to wear culottes.

hbz-street-style-trend-culottes-005-sm11.) As A Set

Make yourself a little culotte suit for spring. Bonus points for bold florals.

street style culottes

2.) In Jewel Tones

Make the ultimate statement in a pair of jewel toned culottes. I mean, if you are going to go big you may as well draw even more attention to yourself.

street style culottes

3.) Get Matchy-Matchy

Take the sting out this statement pant by going with a  more monochromatic look.


4.) Wear Them With Boots

Have a shorter pair of culottes? Cover up those stems with a pair of tall boots.


5.) Show a Pop of Skin

Let your freak flag fly by showing a little peek of skin with your crazy culottes.


6.) With Sandals

This trend is going to be huge for spring and you can’t have spring without some sandals.


7.) Minimalistic

Keep things neutral with a minimalist palette of black and white.

white+culottes+street+style8.) Or Just Wear All White

Nothing says spring like an all white ensemble!

kaelen9.nocrop.w1800.h1330-29.) Perhaps Pastels?

Soften up the look with some great pastel colors for spring.


10.) Add Some Statement Shoes

Get all crazy on the bottom half of your body with a killer pair of statement shoes.

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