10 Ways to Wear a Band Jacket


I’ve got a new obsession and its called the marching band jacket. So stylish, so cool, so exactly what I need in my life. I actually just bought a cool one at Zara but am on the hunt for a real vintage one.

In honor of my new obsession, here are 10 ways to wear a band jacket …

1.) With Leather

How chic does this model look in her red leather pants and a more sophisticated version of a marching band jacket? So chic.


2.) With a Graphic Tee

Keep it simple with a graphic tee. Not sold on the sailor shorts and the shoes but she can pull it off …

band jacket style

3.) With a Classic Black Tee

When in doubt but a black tee under it!


4.) With a Beanie

Dress it down with a slouchy beanie and boyfriend jeans.


5.) With Shorts

Regular shorts – not sailor shorts.


6.)  With Stripes

Channel your inner Hendrix with some crazy striped pants.


7.) With a White Tee

Same idea as the classic black tee – white works just as well.


8.) With a Maxi Skirt

Dress up your band jacket with a formal maxi skirt.


9.) With a Blouse

Fancy it up with a silk blouse.


10.) Buttoned Up

Close up your jacket for the ultimate band leader look.main.original.700x0c

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