Why You Should Stop Saving Your “Special” Clothes

street style leather pants

We are all guilty of it, buying a new “special” garment and letting it hang in your closet – you know because you’re saving it for the perfect occasion. The problem with this technique is that the special occasion never comes or if it does it isn’t quite special enough for that dress, jacket, pair of shoes, or whatever that garment may be.

I’ve done/ do it. In fact, I have a killer Acne dress in my closet that is so perfect I haven’t had the nerve to wear it (it’s just so damn fabulous). So I am here to say that we need to stop the madness. If you are living and breathing then today is pretty darn special.

How exactly do we stop this vicious “special” garment cycle? I’ll tell you …

Only Wait If You Have a Date (on the calendar)

The only reason to wait to wear a dress is if you actually have a date set on the calendar for a special occasion. I just got rid of an evening gown that I’ve had in my closet for almost 3 years. I’ve literally never ever put it on my body but I SWORE that one day I would get invited to a gown worthy event and I would be prepared. Yeah that didn’t work out. So instead I’m selling the dress because cash is much better than watching a garment collect dust.

Live in the Moment

Life is short and every day on this earth should be considered special – so why not dress for it? You never know what the day may bring so make an effort to look your very best. PS – they are clothes and they are meant to be worn.

Be Realistic

Think about your lifestyle when purchasing clothing and only purchase things that you will actually wear. If you aren’t a skirt person, don’t buy a skirt with the thought in mind that one day you might have to wear a skirt.

Moral of the story … Buy what you love and then wear the heck out of it!!

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