Invest In Your Personal Style, It Pays!


Money is funny. Spending money on certain items is easy (sometimes a little too easy) and for other things, parting with your hard earned cash is nearly impossible. I have found that the things we should spend money are things we don’t spend money. It’s a shame really because the majority of those things can actually make you more money in the long term. I call this investing in yourself and guess what? It pays.

For me, buying clothing is easy. Why? Because I love fashion and because I technically don’t need to add anything else to my wardrobe. But I am not the norm – I work in fashion. I have found that for rest of the population (or at least the people I’ve encountered) has a really hard time purchasing clothing for themselves.

The resistance to investing in their personal appearance usually boils down to the following reasons:

1.) They hate shopping

2.) They feel they don’t deserve new or nice things

3.) The thought of shopping/buying new outfits is anxiety inducing

4.) They just don’t want to spend the money

I work with my clients to get them past these hurdles so they can actually invest in themselves. The results are crazy awesome! Making an investment in your wardrobe (and it doesn’t have to be a large investment either) can yield some very lucrative results.

How do I know? I’ve seen it first hand.

After styling clients I’ve witnessed them get premonitions, gain the courage to start a business of their own, or even simply get noticed at work their superiors. This happens with almost ALL of my clients – it’s crazy.

When was the last time you invested in yourself? If not, what is holding you back?

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