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There is a reason everyone keeps their cell phone practically glued to their hands – awesome apps! There is an app for practically everything these days. Some of them are major timewasters (Facebook app, I am looking at you) and some are downright game changers.

For the style-minded there are some good ones out there. Here are the ones that are currently changing my life for the better.


Let me start by saying this, I hate going to the dry cleaner! This seemingly simple task is such a time suck for me. Thank goodness for Washio, an app that facilitates the pick up and drop off (at your door) of your laundry.

Think Dirty 

Warning this app may result in you throwing out all of your makeup and beauty products! This app will literally change your life as it tells you how “dirty” your beauty products are. Aka which ones have cancer causing agents, allergens, and ingredients that cause reproduction issues.

Silk Knots

Hermes can do no wrong and this app is no exception. If you are anything like me, you have a ton of silk scarves that don’t get enough play in your wardrobe. The Silk Knots app shows you countless ways to creatively wear a silk scarf. Hermes scarf not required.

Amazon Mobile

Everyone loves Amazon but you’ll love it even more if you shop using their mobile app. They actually make shopping a little too easy with their one-click checkout feature. Wallets beware.

What you are your favorite style apps?

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