Client Makeover: New Beginnings


Nothing brings me more joy than literally changing someone’s life through style. I know I’m not saving lives or anything but what a person wears makes a huge impact on a their life. When you are too busy living life that you forget to update your style, something just doesn’t feel right. Maybe you don’t feel like you fit in at the office or your confidence takes a major hit because of what you wear and it effects other areas of your life.

My latest client was going through something similar. While she was busy kicking ass in her career and making some major changes in her life to improve her health, her style took the backseat. Lucky for her, I was there to swoop in with my style expertise.

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During our initial chat, this particular client was feeling a bit lost when it came to her personal style. She had recently lost a considerable amount of weight and was quickly climbing the ladder at the office. Because of her new size, none of her old clothing fit – this left her with only a few “go-t0” outfits for the office and she would be the first to say that she really didn’t like them very much.

The bones of this client were amazing! Smart, funny, gorgeous, and willing to let me do my thing! Aka my favorite type of client.


mood boardThe main takeaway from our consultation was that she wanted to look pulled together, professional, sophisticated – all while looking age appropriate, fashion forward, and fun.

Easy as pie!

I drew inspiration from Kerry Washington (her everyday looks vs. her Scandal character), Jessica Alba’s street style looks, and Beyonce since her body type was similar to my clients.

closet cleanseThis closet cleanse was FUN! Well it was actually more like a closet review. My client had not one, not two, but three closets!! Out of those closets, the pile above it what we ended up keeping. Alright we kept a few more pieces (her classic pencil skirt, blazers, tees, etc) but everything else had to go. It was time to start over.

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It’s always fun/dangerous when my clients have similar taste and are a similar size as me. That means the old “one for you, one for me” principle is in full effect. I tried to control myself this go-round but I would be lying if I said I didn’t buy myself a jacket at Zara and an Moschino sweater at Nordstrom Rack …

BUT I did do a lot more shopping for her than I did for myself! I wanted to get my client the most bang for her buck (which you know is my specialty) so I hit up Nordstrom Rack (2 different ones), TJ Maxx, Marshalls (2 locations), Topshop, Nordstrom, and Zara (2 locations). I was a shopping fool!

table of jewelryMy client needed it all, so I got it all. From work clothes to weekend attire, shoes to bags, and jewelry galore. This shopping trip was extra fun.

zara shoesPS- Zara is so on point right now!

the fitting bannerstylist lauren messiahIn case you haven’t heard … Lauren fittings are fun fitting! Before I begin my fittings I always tell my clients my three rules:

1.) This is a no meltdown zone. We are here to have fun and play with clothes.

2.) If it doesn’t fit, move on because there are plenty of options to choose from

3.) Don’t look at price tags, we will figure out that stuff later

stylist lauren messiahI had an entire rack of pre-styled outfits for my client (I always buy WAY more than what is needed) and we started trying on items from the beginning. It was hit after hit – everything looked AMAZING on her! As you can see she was stunned by the results.

stylist lauren messiah

Also when you hang with me, you aren’t just getting styled you are getting my crazy antics too. At this last fitting we talked about trashy TV, music, and the magic called InstaCart.

stylist lauren messiah

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After the fitting my client was filled with confidence and felt great about her look. She’s already received a ton of compliments and wishes she had worked with me sooner!

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