11 Style Choices That Are Actually Aging You!


There is nothing wrong with getting older. Actually, getting older is kind of awesome. With age you become smarter, savvier, and way cooler. You couldn’t pay me to be 25 again. I’ll stick to the age I am now, thank you.

Of course getting older is no walk in the park. Areas of your body start randomly hurting (how the heck did my back get so stiff?), you can’t eat how you used to (pizza is no longer an option), and staying up late? Forget about it! Getting dressed can be a bit more challenging as well. The words “age-appropriate” start swirling around. Does this outfit make me look too young or, even worse, too old!

These 11 items are masquerading as regular old garments but they are actually making you look older. Proceed with caution or simply avoid at all costs …

Crazy Denim

“Crazy” denim should be reserved for young people. Super low-rise, whiskering, and acid wash jeans are things you should stay away from. These denim styles look cheap and lack sophistication. Just say no.

Extreme Platforms and “Stripper” Heels

I’ve never been a fan of extreme platform shoes. Some are okay but overall, they are tacky. Extra high platforms and too-high heels should be reserved for the 20-something sect. Too high heels makes it look like you are trying way too hard to stylish and sexy. Ladies, we can still get the job done with 4 inches or less.

Those Darn Kitten Heels

The other extreme is wearing heels that are too low. Now I am sure there are SOME cute kitten heels out there but overall they are too safe and too matronly looking. Pump those heels up for a more modern look.

Living in the Fast Fashion Lane

I liken fast fashion with going to the club. Its fun and cute in your 20s but once you hit 30, you’re the oldest chick in the club and it just starts getting sad. Wearing clothing from H&M and Forever 21 will make you look old. Zara? We can still do Zara – love me some Zara.

Racoon Eyes

Heavy black liner is like drawing a bulls eye around your aging eyes. Even if your eyes haven’t started budding wrinkles, the overdrawn liner look should be reserved for angsty teens. That’s their look, let ’em have something.

Over Tanning

Being a slave to the sun, the tanning booth, or even self tanners is a bad idea if you want to keep your youthful appearance. Appearing too tan can make your skin look leathery instead of healthy and glowing. Think about Tan Mom. Does Tan Mom look young? Uh huh …

Matching Jewelry Sets

Oh boy this one really upsets me to no end. Wearing those 3-piece jewelry sets – together! You know the necklace that comes with matching earrings and if you’re lucky a bracelet too. That just screams OLD! Run away from matching jewelry sets or at least never wear them together.

Ill Fitting Clothing

Clothes that are too baggy or too tight will age you. You are grown, you should know how clothes are supposed to fit by now. If you don’t (and that’s okay too) find a tailor or a qualified personal stylist to guide you.

Wearing Dated Clothing

There is a difference between retro and old! There is nothing wrong with wearing older clothing or items from past seasons but you must remember to give them a modern twist. Mix an 80s blazer with some clothing from today. If you are rocking head-to-toe 1998, you are going to look old.

Dressing Too Sexy

Nothing is sadder than a woman trying to hold on to her sexy. Newsflash, you are still sexy. In fact, with age you have become so sexy that you no longer have to show it off to such an extent. Wearing garments that are too tight and too revealing will make you look older than you are.


Need I go on? Until further notice, I am deeming twinsets are for grandmas and for grandmas only. Grandmas need all the twinsets they can get and they don’t need us hogging them up.

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