10 Ways to Wear a Camel Coat


Not gonna lie, I’m pretty much obsessed with camel coats. Problem is this … I don’t have one!! I fell in love with a camel coat on TheOutnet but sadly they didn’t have my size 🙁  So I am still on the hunt. In the meantime I will continue to be inspired by all of the other people in the world who own a beautiful camel coat.

If you are into the camel coat trend as well, then you’ll love these 10 ways to wear a camel coat.

street style camel coat

1.) With Ripped Jeans

Ripped up and ill-fitting jeans are suddenly chic with a camel coat. Dang, camel coats are pure magic!

street style camel coat

2.) With a Skirt

Just don’t forget the tights – especially this winter.

street style camel coat

3.) With a Sweater

Keep things extra warm and cozy with a sweater layered under that fancy coat.

Street Style - London Collections: MEN AW13

4.) Classic White Button Up

Its class all the way when you pair your camel coat with a white button up.



5.) Just Add Sneakers

Take things down a notch with a pair of worn-in classic sneakers like Converse or adidas shell toes.



6.) Pop of Neon

Who says camel has to be paired with other neutrals. Try adding a vibrant pop of color like a neon to shake things up a bit.

street style camel coat

7.) Needs More Camel

Or just go full on camel instead.


street style camel coat

8.) With a Bright Shoe

Add a subtle pop of color with a shoe – the color choice is all yours.


9.) Bet on Black

You can’t go wrong with black.


10.) With a fun Scarf

Perhaps the best accessory for a coat! Have a little fun with bold color or classic pattern like plaid.

How will you wear your camel coat this winter?

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