Making a Case for Pretty Undergarments

stella mccartney lingerie

Before I get thing panty party started I want to start by saying this …

This is NOT about wearing sexy lingerie for other people it’s about wearing sexy lingerie FOR YOURSELF! Yes, this post is all about you and your lady regions.

Until recently, I had never purchased “pretty” undergarments. Not to say that I was walking around in some ugly looking underwear, but my undergarments were pretty utilitarian. Nude and black Natori bras and Hanky Panky undies on the bottom was definitely my uniform. I felt supported but not necessarily sexy. Honestly, it just never crossed my mind to step up my underwear game.

Then one day I decided that I totally deserve to look and feel sexy underneath my clothes – for myself. Not for a man, a holiday, or for a hot date … just for myself getting dressed to take on my day. So I went on The Outnet (not trying to break the bank on bras and panties) and got myself some Stella McCarntey bra and MATCHING panty sets.

OMG! What a game changer. This may sound silly to you but I feel a major boost of confidence when I am properly outfitted underneath. Now you don’t have to go all Stella McCartney on this bitch but seriously, try wearing something a little special under your outfit just to see how it feels.

stella mccartney lingerie

Are you a fancy underpants woman or do you choose to spend your money on more visible parts of your wardrobe?

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