7 Tools You NEED to Get Dressed (to look pulled together)


For a lot of you this post is going to be a big old DUH but based on the work I’ve done with my clients this post is necessary.


Because putting on a great looking outfit is only step 1 in the process of looking great. There are a few simple (and some some very obvious) tools you need in your arsenal in order to look your very best.

Here we go …

1. Full Length Mirror

I know, I know … bring on the eye rolls but you won’t believe the number of clients that I’ve worked with that don’t own a full length mirror. It’s crazy town. People, please get yourself a full length mirror and look into it before leaving the house. Seeing your complete outfit from head-to-toe is a non-negotiable.

2. Steamer

Wrinkled garments are NOT okay. So I suggest investing in a steamer. Steaming your garments is so much easier than whipping out an iron, so there is no zero excuse for walking out of the house looking all rumpled.

3. Lint Roller

I have a dog and sometimes he sheds but no one should know that by looking at me. Before you walk out the door give your clothes a quick once-over with a lint roller. Even if you don’t have a dog, there are other little nasties that can ruin your overall appearance. Get to rollin’

4. Mini Sewing Kit

I like to keep a travel sewing kit in my closet for quick touch-ups. Never leave the house with a loose or missing button. Have a small hole that you think no one will notice? People will notice, stitch iy up with your mini sewing kit and you will be good to go.

5. Lotion

This is a weird one but it’s true … dry skin can ruin an outfit. I keep a bottle of lotion in my closet and make sure that any exposed skin is hydrated before I set foot out the door.

6. Pinterest

OMG I love Pinterest! I keep my Pinterest board loaded with outfit inspiration so I never have a “I have nothing to wear” moment. Keep an iPad in your closet with your Pinterest board bookmarked or print out a few images from your board and post them on your closet door.

7. Proper Undergarments

Your undergarments lay the foundation for your ensemble and you must have a solid foundation in order to look your very best. If you are wearing a racer back top, make sure you have a racer back bra. Wearing thin pants? Skip the granny panties and opt for a thong instead. You get what I’m saying?

What tools do you need in order to look your  best?

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