5 No-Fail Looks If You Are Bigger in the Middle

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If dressing your mid-section stresses you out, then you’ll definitely want to read this post. When you have the ‘bigger in the middle’ body type, your mid-section is more prominent than your bust and hips. The goal here is to make your body look proportional and to do that you need to create the illusion that your bust and hips are larger than your waist.

Follow these five tricks and you’ll be flattering that figure in no time.

1. Dresses with volume on the top and the bottom

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Create the illusion of having a waist with a dress that has some volume on the top and the bottom. Add a belt for extra waist definition. Quick tip: belt higher than your natural waist for the most slimming effect.

2. Go for a V-neck top

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A plunging neckline, like a deep v-neck, is not only universally flattering but it helps to bring the focus away from your trouble area and on to your beautiful face!

3. Play with prints

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Certain prints can give the illusion of having a smaller waist. Seek out prints that draw your eye to middle of your body (yes even if that is your trouble area) because it will actually make it look smaller!

4. Single-button blazers

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Single-button or belted blazers really help fake the waist that you may be lacking. NEVER wear a three-button blazer ever. It will make you look too stuffed in. Single or double is the way to go.

5. Wide leg pants

look for bigger middle 4

Wide straight leg pants will really help to balance a larger mid-section and the will slim you out as well.

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