10 Ways to Wear adidas Sneakers

adidas shoes street style

When being comfortable is actually stylish – I am so on board. I have recently been embracing the classic sneaker trend and my feet are loving it. You know I am an adidas die hard so today’s ’10 Ways’ is devoted to the 3-stripes.

1. With Classic Neutrals

Pair a classic shoe with the most classic and timeless clothing on the block.

adidas shoes street style

2. With a Skirt

Let those sneakers shine without a pesky pair of pants getting in the way.

adidas shoes street style

3. Just Add Boyfriend Jeans

Ripped and baggy boyfriend jeans make for the ultimate weekend look.

adidas shoes street style4. Try a Trench

It might make you look as cool as this model off duty.

adidas shoes street style

5. Get Short-y

Shorts and tights are a classic fall/winter combo. Sub your typical pair of boots for a stylish pair of sneakers instead.

adidas shoes street style6. Suit Up

Love the concept of dressing down a conservative suit with a pair of sneakers.


adidas shoes street style

7. Bundle Up

Because adding a scarf makes you look totally chic. adidas shoes street style

8. All Black

Because black goes with everything

adidas classic shoes street style

9. With a Dress

Dresses need comfort too ya know!
dress with classic adidas street style

10. Clutch it Up

An evening wear staple meets a casual classic – I love it!

stan smith adidas street style

How you wear your classic adidas?

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