Client Makeover: On-Set Upgrade

This particular client makeover has been in the works for quite a while now. You see, this makeover started almost a year ago. My friend and client, Shannon was in need of a style upgrade. After months of almost doing it, we cleaned out her closet. Just when it was time for the shopping/styling portion of the makeover, she booked a movie.  In Budapest. Shannon was gone for 7 months and was returning to an empty closet. Needless to say the second she landed we got to work.

before bannerclient before picShannon is a smart, talented, kind, funny, and an all-around awesome individual. Problem was, her wardrobe didn’t reflect that – at all.

Not only was her wardrobe ill-fitting (she loved hiding behind baggy clothing), her style didn’t reflect the major #GirlBoss status she has at the work place.  closet cleanseIMG_7123When you work with me the first step in changing your style is getting rid of the old to make room for the new. Out of all of the closet cleanses that I’ve done, this one was probably the most, um, memorable.

Shannon is a self-proclaimed clothing swap junkie. Her and friends swap and trade clothing that no longer suits them instead of tossing it out. Good idea in theory but when your whole entire wardrobe is comprised of items that aren’t “you”,  it’s a problem.  You can see how thrilled I am with one of her swap pieces in the pic above. IMG_7122By the end of the cleanse Shannon was drowning in a pile of her clothes. Worth mentioning, I went back a few weeks later and got rid of MORE stuff!!

IMG_7124Another thing that had to go? Plastic hangers! Not only are the ugly but they take up far too much room in your closet. Opt for Slimline hangers instead.

inspirationshannon style 1While working with Shannon to develop her new style it was very important that she still felt like herself. That is something that I do with all of my clients. I am not here to put my personal style on other people. It is my job to create the best version of my client.

Shannon works as movie producer and spends a lot of her time working on set, which means pulled together. casual, and comfortable looks. In addition to that, she also regularly takes business meetings (business casual) and the occasional red carpet (great dresses).

shannon style 2Her main style icon is Jessica Alba but I also pulled inspiration from Christina Hendricks, Jessica Chastain, and Rachel Bilson.

shopping banner stylist lauren messiah

Our mission was to get the most clothing possible with our allotted budget. The one thing we didn’t want to do was skimp on the quality. I wanted to get Shannon out of garments from the juniors department, from Target, Forever 21, and H&M. Not that there is anything wrong with those places but as 30-something women, we gotta step up the quality. I  went to Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, Madewell, and J Crew – all perfect places to find quality garments for less.

the fitting banner client fitting with stylist lauren messiahNot to toot my own horn but the fitting was absolutely perfect! Our “yes” pile was HUGE and the “no” pile had only a handful of pieces.

client fitting with stylist lauren messiahShannon got a ton of clothes for all areas of her life – great casual looks, outfits for meetings, and we even found a great dress for a premiere or red carpet event.

client fitting with stylist lauren messiahI honestly couldn’t be happier about how it all went down.

after bannerclient makeover with stylist lauren messiah

The best part about my job is the after. Not the “after” during the fitting (how good is that pic of Shannon doign her best Zoolander tho!) but the “after” when the client is living her life.

The next day Shannon texted me with a pic of her wearing one of her new looks to a business meeting. Her confidence was through the roof and it really helped her out during that important business meeting. The day after, another pic of her happily  hanging out with family and friends during Thanksgiving in another one of her new looks.

It may seem like this is all “just clothes” but it’s really not. Changing your wardrobe can really help change your life!

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