11 Ways to Shake Up Your Look This Season


After months of 90 degree weather, LA finally got the memo that it’s FALL! Hooray. With this “official” change in season I have been feeling the need to shake things up a bit.

This shake up isn’t your standard summer-to-fall switch out either. Recently I have felt the need to reinvent myself. Maybe its my new-found singleness or that I’m just a girl that like to change her look quite often but something needed to change.

Here are 11 things that I’ve done to shake up my personal style. These tips work for nearly every season so give ’em a try, it feels good.

1. Create a Pinterest board with looks that inspire you

I love Pinterest! It is probably my favorite social network. I use it gather inspiration for my clients and to gather inspiration for my personal style. I am constantly adding to my personal style board but I rarely go back and look at it. Well I did and I used to fuel shake up #2 …

2. Style outfits using the items in your closet to re-create those looks

My new style tradition is to style my looks for the week on Sunday night. I pull up my Pinterest board, get myself re-inspired, and then get to work. Its a fun way to bring new life to your existing wardrobe and an opportunity to try new things (style wise).

3. Sell the clothes you don’t wear and use the money to buy something new and exciting

I am a reformed style hoarder. In the past I was always terrified to get rid of clothes for fear that I’d need them someday or they’d come back in style and I’d be full of regret. Those days are done. Now I sell my clothes and use the money to buy new things that I will actually wear. I recently did another purge and it felt amazing.

4. Try out a new shade of lipstick

Makeup is the most inexpensive way to shake up your look. I have two signature lip colors but in honor of the shakeup, I am adding a new shade to the mix.

5. Get a tired looking handbag dyed for an instant refresh

I posted about this here and man is it an awesome way to shake things up. I recently took another bag in to get it dyed and am so excited to pick it up. Even doing something as simple as swapping your current handbag with a neglected one can help shake things up a bit.

6. Invest in a new pair of sunglasses

I am not the type of girl that wears a new pair of sunglasses with every outfit. I buy one really nice pair of wear them until I can’t stand them anymore. This season I am on the hunt for a “fun” pair to wear just to keep things interested.

7. Head to the tailor and finally get those pieces altered (you know what I’m talking about)

Last week I put on a pair of pants that I’ve had for YEARS but finally got tailored. My stars it was like getting a new a pair of pants. Take that sad pile of clothes that need to go the tailor or even to the cleaners and get that shit done!

8. Dress up for one week straight

This one is fun … If you usually wear jeans and tee shirts to work, go crazy and actually dress up. Wear a pencil skirt and a blouse instead. Why the heck not?! Stop saving your “good clothes” and take them out for a spin just because you deserve to look good and they deserve to be worn.

9. Swap your flats for heels

The older I get the less I care about being the girl who “wouldn’t be caught dead in heels”.  I wear flats because they are easier to wear and, lets face it, they are just more comfortable. Last week I decided to wear heels everyday and it was actually fun! Sure it was painful at times but I felt the “power” of the heel and it felt damn good.

10. Bust out the boots

Nothing says summer is really over like a pair of boots. Today I broke out my favorite pair of boots and it took my outfit up about 10 notches.

11. Do something drastic to your hair

I discovered something about myself last week and that is that I am a hair chameleon. I have been wearing my hair curly for over a year and I was sick of it. I’m not going back to chemically straightening my hair but I did decide to go get it flat ironed and OMG … I feel great! This was probably the most dramatic part of my shake up. I feel like a new woman and I have little confident boost that I didn’t even know I needed. So chop it off, dye it, or just re-style it for the fall/winter season.

How do you shake up your style when you are in a rut?

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