To Match or Not to Match? That is the Question

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As a stylist, this question comes up pretty darn often. Should my bag and my shoes match? My go-to answer has always been “heck no!” Not only do your shoes and bag not have to match, I encourage them not to. But as many of you know, in fashion there is never a pat answer to any style question.

So, to match or not to match – that is the question.


Here is the good news, you are “in” if you match and you are “in” if you don’t match. Isn’t fashion great these days?

With that being said this year I have been seeing a lot of matching going on from the runways to the streets. The trend of the matching sets, once a fashion rule and then a fashion faux pas, has been seen on just about everyone. Trends come and go quickly in the fashion world, and the fashion world is known to be a bit “fickle.”

I am here to tell you that you can rock the “matchy-matchy” trend without looking like your grandmother.

Modern Silhouettes Are Key

An over-sized clutch or a sleek tote paired with oxfords or an interesting boot is great pieces to try the matchy-matchy trend with. Utilizing modern accessories will keep the look less “old school” and more today.


Keep Your Colors in Check

If you want to try this trend then please make sure the colors actually match. If you miss the mark on the color matching then it looks like you tried but missed the mark. Slight variations in color aren’t noticeable if the distance between each piece is far (bag and shoes) 

Start Slow

Maybe you aren’t ready for the full on bag and shoe matching extravaganza. Try matching your shoes to you hat instead, or your bag to your bracelet? Like I said before, rules are meant to broken so have fun with it.

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