How to Look Stylish While Lounging Around the House

stylish longewear

Lounging around the house and style are RARELY used in the same sentence. I totally get it too. Here is what usually happens right when I get off work … Shoes off, bra off, pants off, contacts out, glasses on, sweatpants on, tee shirt on. Yep, I keep real around these parts.

As comfortable as it is, I am trying to break free from that routine.

I totally blame this book for it too; Lessons from Madame Chic: 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris. Great book, quick read – definitely recommend checking it out. Basically the book is about an American girl living in Paris with a host family. The family is uber-chic and the whole experience is basically like a giant bitch-slap for the “comfortable” American girl. One part that really stood out to me, was the horror on Madame Chic’s face when she saw the American girls lounge wear, which was basically a ratty tee shirts and pajama pants. Madame Chic was always decked out in a glorious vintage silk kimono when she was lounging around the house.

The whole “dressing up” for chilling at home concept got me to thinking, why shouldn’t I  show more respect my downtime and to my home with some acceptable lounge wear options. I’m not saying you should don a full face of makeup and couture caftan but putting a little more effort into my lounge wear wouldn’t kill me. Heck, the delivery guy would probably appreciate the look a lot more than my ex-boyfriends sweatpants. Amirite?

So I introduce to some “hey, they are better than a ratty tee” options for lounging around the house …

The Kimono

I got so jazzed on this kimono concept that I bought three from Nordstrom. My silk kimonos are a  heck of a lot more stylish than my ratty old robe and they are quite comfortable too. Great for summer.

kimono loungewearClassic Silk PJs

Nothing beats a classic! Get a grown-up set of PJs and wear them TOGETHER! I know it will be tempting to rock the college tee with those silky pants but don’t do it!

Equipment_monogrammed_PJs1Comfy (Real) Clothes

If PJs and kimonos aren’t your bag, just wear some real clothes that are actually comfortable. A super-soft over-sized cashmere sweater and non-tragic leggings? Nothing wrong with that!

stylish loungewear

How do you dress when you lounge around the house?

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