How to Dress for Casual Friday


Casual Friday can mean different things to different companies, but no matter the company, it doesn’t mean you should show up in your gym clothes. The most common mistake that I’ve seen is people being too casual. Have some respect for your profession, people! The last thing you want is to have HR breathing down your neck, or even worse being the talk of the office for looking like a hot mess. Find out what your casual Friday dress code is and then step it up a notch. If you want to climb the corporate ladder, it’s best to step things up a bit. Dress how you want to be addressed. Already a top dog? Then make sure you are a role model for your employees.

I’ve got a few tips that will help you achieve the perfect casual Friday look at the office …

Trouser Jeans Are Your Friend

Back when I used to work at a “real” office (oh how I don’t miss those days) my go-to Friday garment was a pair of trouser jeans. With the rampant rumor of skinny jeans going out (I don’t believe it) and flares coming back in, you’ll fit right in with a pair of trouser jeans. Trouser jeans are not only figure flattering, they are also more professional than any other cut of jeans on the market.


Wear At Least One Professional Piece

If trouser jeans are out of the question and you have to rock your signature skinny jeans (I get it) then pair them with at least one professional garment like a tailored blazer. This will make it so you are casual but still mean business.

white blazer miranda kerr

Don’t Skimp on the Shoes

When going casual at work, never skimp on your shoes! And while I’m on the topic, lets apply that same rule to bags too. Even if you decide to wear a vintage concert tee with your suit for casual Friday (I don’t know, why not) don’t break out the Converse too. Always keep your shoes clean, polished, and professional. Always.

What are your rules for getting dressed on Casual Fridays? Spill it in the comments or join the conversation already in progress on Facebook.

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