Exercise Advice: Stepping Up Your Stretches

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I’m gonna give “getting older” the blame on this one but my bones are getting a little creaky lately. Nothing serious, but I have noticed that as my official mid-thirties are approaching (34 on November 4th, mark you calendars) things are never hurt are starting to.  Since I’m not one to roll over and give up when stuff that happens, I figured it was time to make a few changes.

The necessary change? I needed to step up my stretching game! I remember way back when in PE class and during your standard aerobics classes, stretches before and after were a must. Lately, I’ve been kind of doing my own thing and I haven’t been practicing yoga as intensely as a I used to.

Tisk tisk.

So I’ve decided to kick it old school with some very basic stretches before I leave the house to workout. Whether I am going to a Pilates class or our for a jog with my dog – stretching comes first. Here are a few of my favorites …

The Lunge:

You’d be surprised at how good you’ll feel after doing a few basic run-of-the-mill lunges. Its loosens up your legs and gets you all limber for your workout.

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The Triangle:

This is a pose that I do in yoga all the time and it feels amazing.

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Basic Leg Stretch:

Not only does this one stretch our your leg but for some reason it makes my back feel great too. Don’t hate on the basics.

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And of course you’ll want to do all of your stretching in style! I am loving these gray and purple polka dot leggings and my adidas fleece pullover keeps me nice and warm during my AM fall workouts.

What are your favorite pre and post workout stretches?

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