10 Ways to Wear Navy and Black


Navy and black, together at last. What was once a fashion faux pas is now a bonafide trend. Isn’t fashion funny like that? You know what I say about rules, they are meant to be broken.

So similar and yet so different, navy and black are a surprisingly perfect match.

Because of the stigma attached to this color combination, it can be difficult to muster up the courage to actually wear this dashing combination. Here’s the good news, two neutrals paired together can never be a bad thing and I’ve collected 10 inspiring ways for you to incorporate this look into you wardrobe.

With a Similarly Hued Pop of Color

Incorporate another shade of blue into the mix if you aren’t ready to go full on navy and black.


Mix Up Your Leather Game

Black is the go-to when it comes to leather pants and skirts but why not get crazy and try navy leather? So rich and fancy looking.

navy and black miranda kerr

Add Some Texture

A faux or real fur adds an extra layer of elegance to the look.


Navy + All Black Accessories

Do an all navy ensemble and accessorize accordingly with black.

hbz-street-style-outerwear-1012-12Navy Outerwear

Work your way into the trend by only embracing it outside. When you get indoors, you’ll be back in your comfort zone with your all black outfit.


Pre-Mixed Pieces

Find a garment that has already done the navy/black styling for you.

navy+black6With White

Love me some winter white. Make white the main attraction and add navy and black as you see fit.

nyfw-street-style-nyfw14-day3-navy-fur-whiteToughen It Up

Lets face it, a black leather jacket goes with EVERYTHING.


Go Subtle

Life can be as simple as wearing black shoes with a navy coat. Baby steps.

blue-blazer-sthlm-5Color Block It

Black on the top. Navy on the bottom. End of story.


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