10 Ways to Wear Metallics


Last week I bought a pair of gold metallic J Brand skinny jeans, true story. They were only $50 at Marshalls and they were the exact cut/style that I like from J Brand. Those two reasons served as reason enough to buy a pair of gold metallic pants.

Then I got home and was like, “oh snap, how I am going to wear these pants!”

Lucky for my pants, I’m a stylist and I have already come up with a ton of different ways to wear them. In fact, I’ve already worn them once. They were a great way to add some visual interest into my fall/ winter wardrobe.

So spice up your fall wardrobe with some metallics! They are a shockingly easy and chic way to add a little flavor to your wardrobe. They might sound a little intimidating, but it’s a lot easier than you think. Here are 10 stylish ways to wear metallics …

1. On Your Feet

Tip toe into this trend by wearing a pair of metallic shoes on your feet.

classics-got-street-chic-finish-cool-girl-headphones2. Shiny Outerwear

For the extra bold, wear a metallic  jacket or coat. I had a gold metallic trench in college, I miss that coat …


3. Dress it Up

Go big or go home with a metallic shift dress.



4. Tone it Down with Neutrals

Take the bling down a notch or two with a neutral like camel or beige.


5. White Out

Because silver + white = oh so nice!



6. Add Black

This is exactly what I did with my gold pants. Can’t go wrong with black.


7. With a Tee

A graphic tee gets an instant upgrade when paired with a metallic.


8. Sneak it In

If you are really scared, then try wearing a metallic belt. Keep it simple, subtle, and a bit sneaky.


9. Beyonce-ify It

Just do whatever Beyonce does … But seriously, I like how she made her metallic pants super casual. Go, Bey!

beyonce-rock-chick-street-style10. Knit It

A cozy sweater paired with a cold-as-ice metallic makes for the most perfect pairing.


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