10 Ways to Wear a Turtleneck


I have a love/hate relationship with turtlenecks. Well it’s mostly been hate but lately I’ve been changing my tune.  I think the hate stems from a long history with those awful holiday turtlenecks. You know those cotton themed turtlenecks that you’d rock underneath a holiday sweater or sweatshirt? I wore a lot of those in elementary school. A lot.

Well those memories must be fading because I am kind of into the idea of wearing a turtleneck this fall. Call me crazy but I think the right turtleneck with the right styling can look pretty darn chic.

I’ve been trolling the web for the 10 best ways to wear a turtleneck this fall and here they are …

1. With Denim

Look at this girl making her Canadian tuxedo look downright chic by adding a black turtleneck underneath. Just looking at her makes me want to burst in flames (a turtleneck, a jean jacket, and a pea-coat – impressive) but dang she looks good.


2. With Shorts

This is one of my favorite Olivia P. outfits of all time. The chunky sweater offsets the short-shorts perfectly.

Olivia Palermo Adds a Pop of Color to Her Outfit With Her olivia + joy Clutch

3. Paired with Leather

Because leather makes everything better. carolinebruunsbazaar

4. Over-sized and Shaded

Some days you just need to wear a comfy, gigantic sweaters. Adding shades make you look vs lazy.


5. With a Pop of Color

A long coat in a vibrant color takes a white turtleneck was blah to bangin.


6. Add Some Stunning Ear Candy

Turtlenecks don’t leave a lot of room for jewelry like necklaces and bracelets but many of them are practically begging for some ear candy. The ear cuff looks amazing paired with this classic turtleneck.

Micah Gianneli_Top fashion style beauty blogger_Rihanna Riri sty


7. Or Just Wear a Darn Necklace

Sure turtlenecks really don’t need necklaces but sometimes you just have to do it anyways.


8. Color Block It

Look at her go in her green and blue. Love how the neutral coat tones the look down a bit.


9. With a Moto Jacket

I will absolutely be recreating this look this fall.


  10. Or Just Keep it Classic

Timeless and forever chic with a black pencil skirt and a classic handbag.


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