How To Travel Like A Pro (in style)


Frequent travel is part of my job and its both a gift and a curse. I mean getting to jet off to the coolest cities in the US is great but it also gets exhausting. This year (so far) I’ve been to New York more times than I can count. I’ve also been to Washington DC, Chicago, Nashville, San Francisco, and I’m headed to Dallas next week. It’s not really the jet lag that bothers me, or even carting my dog across the country – its the packing and the prep work involved!

After 5+ years of frequent travel, I think I’ve finally mastered the travel game and how to do it in style!

Get a Sick Suitcase

Buying a proper suitcase is a worthwhile investment. After years of junky/ inexpensive suitcases I decided to bite the bullet a few years ago and bought some good luggage at Barneys. Best money I’ve ever spent. And while you’re at it, get yourself a cute luggage tag too.

Pre-Style Your Outfits

Before I go on a trip, I pull out the garment rack and style myself up enough outfits to last the duration of the trip. I am not one of those girls who can bring 5 pieces to mix-and-match for a 2 week trip. I over pack. I’ve accepted that and I just roll with it. In addition to my pre-styled outfits, I bring some back-up tees shirts and simple dresses as well. Bonus points if you take photos of your outfits for easy dressing when you arrive at your destination.

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Beauty Blitz

There is one area that I will edit/save room in my suitcase – and that is my beauty haul. Don’t bring every product you own. Bring enough to make your face look right for day and then slip in a black eyeliner or red lipstick for night. The one thing I never forget is some lady parts products – know what I’m saying? Ok let me spell it out, the easiest way to ruin a trip is by not being prepared. Keep some Carefree panty liners in your carry on to prevent any mishaps.

Carry-on Cutie

After you’ve managed to pack your clothes, beauty products, and what not – you need to pack yourself! I’ve got tons of tips here on how to dress at the airport but you also should have your carry-on set up for success. My backpack has been my go-to for air travel. Inside it? A good book, a magazine, headphones, iPad, my wallet, and a few snacks.

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