5 Ways to Fall Back into Your Healthy Habits

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Ever experience a time in your life where everything just kicks your butt? I am having one of those times – greater responsibility at work, a new home (more on that later), a change in my relationship status, and it seems like everywhere I turn someone has their hand out (meaning money is flying out of my wallet).  So needless to say, I’m in a bit of a tailspin. When I’m in a tailspin bad habits start piling up. My workouts become few and far between, my home cooked meals turn into takeout, and 8 hours of sleep is not in the cards. My health begins to suffer, my skin turns into the skin of a high school students, and the bags under my eyes definitely are not Chanel.

What’s a girl to do? A girl is to get back into her healthy habits because healthy habits = happy Lauren. So I am falling back into my healthy habits and getting the heck out of this slump!

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1.) Shake Up Your Workout

I’ll speak for myself but when I do the same type of fitness routine for a long period of time I tend to get bored. Pilates four days a week for the past couple of years is awesome but things were getting a little too routine for my taste. When that happens it’s time to try something new. For me, it’s been a back to basics type of thing with morning jogs with the dog and some good old fashioned crunches and push-ups. I am also considering going back to my old trainer for some fun with kettle bells.

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2.) Eat Up

Food is one of my favorite things in life (cooking it, eating it, dining out) but it is also one of the biggest stresses in my life. I try to only eat organic food, I don’t eat meat, and I can’t eat dairy – so my options are pretty limited. During a unhealthy slump I typically live off of tea and chocolate – occasionally I’ll mix in some tofu tacos from Chipotle. So not okay. To kick-start my healthy habits I got back on Paleta, my vegan organic  meal delivery service. Each morning they deliver a cooler with breakfast, lunch, dinner, and desert. The whole bag of food is around 1200 calories and has all the nutrients I need to keep fit.

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3.) Catch Some Zzz’s

Another thing I’ve done to restart my health is changing up my bedtime. I know, what adult woman has a bedtime? Well when I don’t set a bedtime, I end up going to bed at 1am and waking up at 6am to start my day. Getting 5 hours a sleep each night probably isn’t the best idea if you want to be picture of perfect health. I am experimenting with a new evening routine which includes a walk around the neighborhood with my dog around 10pm, my nightly skincare routine, a little reading, and to bed around 11/11:30. It’s still not early but it sure beats 1am.

4.) Get New Gear

I’ll use anything as an excuse to shop but purchasing a few new things for my fitness closet has really helped me get inspired to get healthy. My September adidas obsessions include these Stella McCartney sweatpants (they are getting a lot of action right now), this white boyfriend tee, a bright orange techfit bra, and these killer Boost 2.0 sneakers.

5.) The Buddy System

Sometimes you need a little help from your friends. Grab a fitness accountability buddy or someone to do your fall workouts with. He doesn’t know it yet but one of my co-workers is about to become my workout buddy. It’s easy to skip a workout, especially in the fall when the days are shorter and the temperatures are colder. Having a friend to workout with can be that little extra push that you need.

 How do you fall back into healthy habits? Spill it in the comments below.

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