How to Get Out of a Style Slump


A style slump. It happens to even the most stylish of people. You know those periods of time where you just don’t feel like yourself? When applying makeup feels like a chore, you start giving your heels the side-eye, and you are overcome with a general lack of motivation to look your absolute best. So what’s a girl in style slump to do?

I’ve got answers because I recently got out of a mini-style slump. You remember my 30-somethings identity crisis, right? Here is what I did to remix my style and get out of that awful, awful style slump.

Remix Your Makeup

If you are so over applying makeup, have someone else do it for you! Seriously go to a swanky department store, pick a makeup counter, and get your makeup done. You will learn new techniques and get a fresh look. A lot of times a beauty style slump happens because you are sick of putting on the same face day after day. I recently updated my daily makeup look with the help of this book and I feel like a million bucks.

Get Your Hair Did

This is another non-fashion related fix but sometimes changing your hair and makeup can inspire you to take your good clothes out for a spin. Book an appointment with your hair dresser and try something new. Lose a few inches or get a dye job. Remember, it’s just hair – it will grow back and you can dye it back.

Gather Some Inspiration

Pinterest is my absolute jam! I created a board called My Style with outfit that inspire my personal style. Anytime I am feeling less than inspired I take a look at my board and whip up a few looks with those in mind. Start your own board or check out my past post on creating your signature style.

Embrace The Slump

Well sorta … When you enter a style slump there is no need to panic or throw in the towel. Sometimes you just need to embrace the slump. Yeah, that’s right. If you don’t feel like wearing heels, don’t wear the heels! Instead wear a pair of stylish sneakers and rock them like there is no tomorrow. Don’t feel like wearing makeup? Give your skin a break and embrace tinted moisturizer and chic shades. Eventually you will get sick of your slump style and will bounce back to your fabulous self.

Hire a Personal Stylist

If you are finding that you can’t pull yourself out of your style slump then call in a professional. Seriously, even super stylish/ fashion-savvy people use a personal stylist. My last client (makeover post on her coming soon) is majorly stylish but just couldn’t pull herself out of the sweatpants/sports bra rut she found herself in. I developed her new sense of style and snapped her out of the slump in a weeks time.

So tell me, how do you get out of a style slump? Leave your tips in the comments or join the conversation on my Facebook page.

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