How to Dress Up Leggings and a Tunic


As a stylist it’s kind of my job to think that leggings are the anti-Christ on the fashion world. However, because I work as a personal stylist, I totally understand the necessity for a comfortable pair of leggings. Sometimes the day just calls for a pair of leggings.

A common leggings pairing is a long shirt or a tunic. This is a great combination (because leggings aren’t exactly pants now are they?) but it can it can also be a dangerous one. Wearing a shirt that is too long can make your legs appear short and stumpy (and who wants that). A too long shirt/tunic can also over-accentuate your backside making it look larger than it needs to be. Not cool.

This post does come with good news because there is a way to make a leggings and tunic combo work beautifully. I also have a few links to some tops to pair up with your leggings. You’re welcome.

Keep it Classic

454883_ou_xlJoseph silk tunic

A classic white shirt is always a win! It’s a great way to dress up a pair of leggings. Love completing the look with a pair of pointy toe flats. They elongate the leg, look dressy, and are comfortable.

Belt It


Adding a belt to your look will define your waist and create a more polished look. Play with the belt placement as well. A low slung belt won’t define the waist but can be quite stylish.

Tie a Top Around Your Waist


I know, I know so throwback but a top tied around the waist while wearing leggings will cover your booty and add a little something different to the look. Just make sure you don’t go totally sloppy with it. Add a jacket or some fashion-forward accessories to avoid looking totally tragic. Also notice that she is still wearing a long tee shirt in case she ditches the shirt tied around her waist.

Top it with a Boyfriend Blazer


Tunics aren’t the only way you can cover your bum while wearing leggings. Why not try an over-sized boyfriend blazer? Kim K (I can’t believe I have her on here) is making her leggings look acceptable by using this styling trick.

Long Sweater for the Win


Don’t forget that sweaters come in the tunic variety too. Although I don’t think they are still called tunics but they serve the same purpose.

A few tunics to try …

The Row striped tunic

Sanctuary tunic on Piperlime

Free People striped tunic

Etro tunic blouse

Topshop space dye tunic

Are you a fan of the leggings and tunic look? Share your thoughts in the comments section or join the conversation on my Facebook page.

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